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Before you start


Important information. Please read before you start!


Preparing your application


Ensure that both your motivation and employer statement are clearly aligned to the Embassy Country Focus. Applications that show no relevance will NOT be eligible.

Motivation: The answers to the 3 motivation questions should clearly indicate the link between your organisation and position on the one hand, and (elements of) the Country Focus on the other hand. Be specific and base your answers on factual information. Refrain from copying information from our website. Read the Quality Guidelines to determine which information should be included in your motivation.

Document requirements: Prepare all your required documents in advance. Documents must be in PDF format and must not exceed 2 MB. The following instructions can assist you: Converting documents to PDF

  • Government Statement (see COVID-19 information below): Some countries require applicants to provide a Government statement in support of their application. When required, prepare this in advance as this could take a few weeks. See the Overview Government statements (for OKP) or Overview Government statements (for MSP) for more information. Use one of the following prescribed formats: OKP Statement of Government Authority or MSP Scholarship Statement of Government Authority.
  • Employer Statement (see COVID-19 information below): All applications must be supported by an Employer Statement, and ONLY the prescribed Nuffic format will be accepted as a valid document. This motivation by your employer indicates the relevance of the training to you as an employee, and to the organization. The information in this document will be assessed by both The Hague Academy and the Embassy. The Employer Statement should be uploaded as 1 single PDF and should consist of the following segments:
        • Declaration by your employer (Permission to participate)
        • Data about the organization/candidate including the indications regarding relevance.
        • Plan of Activities (with clear goals and deadlines)

    Please see the Example employer statement and prepare your document accordingly.

  • Copy passport: Your passport must still be valid for at least four months after the application deadline. Applications with passports that do not comply with this requirement will be discarded.



Some of the requirements to apply have been adjusted to the current circumstances.


  • Nuffic has agreed to allow Employer Statements with a digital stamp/signature as long as the contact person is available by phone for validation. 
  • Because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, obtaining a Government statement can be an issue. If this is your case, you can upload a document with an explanation of why you cannot present the Government statement with your application. You will have the opportunity to provide the required Government statement later on.


Submitting your application


  • ONLY use the Nuffic scholarship application form via the button at the bottom of this page.
  • It is possible to save to continue at a later time. You will receive a login code to re-access your form.
  • Before submitting your application, do a final check. Once you have submitted your application, it will no longer be possible to make any adjustments.
  • Only applications with all the required documents, complete and in the correct formats will be considered as valid.
  • Once submitted, your application will be assessed on eligibility and relevance.
  • Once the deadline has passed, the application form will no longer be available.


Assessment by The Hague Academy


  • Your application will be assessed by The Hague Academy for Local Governance on eligibility, relevance, motivation and required documents.
  • If you meet all the academic and eligibility requirements, you will receive an invitation from The Hague Academy to proceed with the final step in the application procedure.




Nuffic registration


  • The invitation will include instructions to register your scholarship application in the Nuffic database.
  • Applicants that do not qualify to proceed will not receive any further notification.




Embassy Assessment and Scholarship Allocation


  • Embassies will assess the applications based on the Country Focus.
  • Nuffic will allocate scholarships according to the available budgets.
  • Applicants will be notified by The Hague Academy regarding the outcome of the selection.
  • The selection by Nuffic is final and not subject to discussion and/or correspondence.