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Local Security Governance and Peacebuilding, 18 November – 22 November 2024

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a scholarship request.
If you want to apply for an Orange Knowledge scholarship (OKP) or a MENA Scholarship (MSP), DO NOT continue filling out this form. Visit our scholarship page and follow a different application procedure. To continue as a self-funded/paying participant, please complete this form.

Please note that the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) and the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) have a separate application procedure. Please do not continue filling out this form. Visit our scholarship page to apply for a scholarship. If a different organisation will fund your participation in the course, then you can proceed with filling out this form.

Please note that we will need a letter from your employer/sponsor indicating support and information about the funding. An example of the declaration by your employer/funding institute can be found via the following link.

For International NGO's/Donor organisations, a letter/email confirming the funding is sufficient to support your application.

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Personal information

Important: Participants travelling to The Netherlands must be in possession of a valid passport. Once payment has been received, a Letter of Invitation in support of your visa application can be issued upon request, in which case we will require your passport information.

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Give a brief summary of the main focus and ambition of your employer.
Give a brief summary of your current position and your key tasks and responsibilities.

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It is important to consider that the training course and materials are in English. Your English language proficiency is essential to the success of the training.

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In order to provide an optimal learning experience, we request you to provide us with detailed answers to the following questions
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Give a brief outline of the issue or problem hindering the development of your country.
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Describe the position you hold in your organisation and explain why and how this position will enable you to address the issue or problem.
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Describe how this will enable you to address the issue or problem / how this will contribute to your professional career / or help you in fulfilling your roles in the organisation you are working for?

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