A message of solidarity


The ongoing attacks on civilians in Gaza, the risk of further escalation in the region and the increasing polarisation we see worldwide have impacted staff and participants at the Hague Academy these days. It is painful to see how innocent people are suffering while world leaders stand by and watch.

As an organisation, we stand for democracy and good governance. This means respecting the rights of citizens, including their protection against violence and their right to have access to water, food, housing, electricity, and medical care at all times. We support the call by the UN and many others to respect international law, stop the attacks against civilians and make humanitarian assistance possible immediately.

In addition, we ask leaders worldwide to take their responsibility and prevent further polarisation and hatred. It is essential that efforts are made to work on a sustainable solution for the future. A solution that puts an end to illegal settlements and oppression and ensures equal rights for Palestinian citizens as a foundation for a more peaceful future for all.

We extend our compassion and solidarity to all people affected, in particular our trainers, alumni and their families. We understand their feelings of powerlessness, frustration, pain, and vulnerability. We hope they will stay safe and wish them strength in these difficult times.

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