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Youth Lebanon protest
Blog 04 Sep 2023
The State of Democracy in Lebanon
The 15th of September is the International Day of Democracy. This time, we put the spotlight on Lebanon. Urban planner Sarah Saad works with youth ...
Blog 04 Sep 2023
Building Sustainable Cities in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is trying to redefine its economic, social, and urban fabric. Through a study trip to the Netherlands, Dr. Majed Mustafa Hallawani hop...
TMT_Shiraka Ecosystems_2022_SV_participants looking at turbine
Blog 05 Jul 2023
Fostering an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Algeria
Algeria is making strides in creating a vibrant economy of startups through a network of institutions and policies that foster entrepreneurship. Th...
News 05 Jul 2023
Egovernment strategies to improve social protection
Improved efficiency, better communication, more transparency and increased accessibility of government services are some of the many potential adva...
TMT_Nuffic Ethiopia_2021_SV_views_streets copy
Blog 30 Jun 2023
A Support Network for Ethiopian Cities
Millions within Ethiopia have left their homes due to conflict, placing a strain on Ethiopian cities to support them. The situation in these alread...
We are Able Sudan 1
Blog 22 May 2023
How violence impacts our partners in Sudan
Hisham and Buthyna, our co-trainers in the ‘We Are Able!’-programme in Sudan, were caught by surprise by the sudden violence that broke out in ...
Picture1 sdfsdf
Blog 20 Apr 2023
Benefits of Including Citizens in the Governance of Urban Nature
‘Urban nature’ renewal projects have proven to not only benefit the physical and mental well-being of nearby citizens but have also shown to he...
Blog 07 Mar 2023
Building Smart Cities in the Global South
Common discourses understand smart cities as they exist in the Global North, taking for granted the challenges practitioners face in building citie...
Blog 15 Dec 2022
Migration Governance in Poland
Due to the war in Ukraine, Poland has received one and a half million Ukrainian refugees in 2022. For the first time in its modern history, Poland ...
Blog 01 Nov 2022
The key elements for integrated urban planning
Integrated urban planning is a modern planning approach that takes into account the complex nature of our urban environments. To achieve liveable, ...
Blog 27 Oct 2022
Poverty Reduction in Balochistan
The Hague Academy designed a Tailor-Made Training on multi-level governance and local poverty reduction for local practitioners in Balochistan, Pak...
Blog 07 Sep 2022
Local Governments Ensuring Sustainable Peace
Although invisible to many, local governments and leaders play a critical role in promoting and facilitating peace. The triennial UCLG Peace Prize ...

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