Behind the scenes: online learning at The Hague Academy

Let’s talk about the work that goes into creating an online training programme.

Due to the COVID-19 related safety measures, it has now been a year since our last face-to-face training took place in The Hague. However, our capacity strengthening efforts have not stopped as The Hague Academy joined the e-learning band-wagon, offering training remotely and on digital platforms. This sudden shift away from face-to-face training has kept our staff busy. Up to today, we have offered eight blended courses, with some more to come.

But before any of these courses launched, it took our team weeks of thinking about what content to include and how to best present it for maximum learning. Hours go into this process; from writing course materials and designing the online learning platform, to recording our experts, editing their videos and planning online study visits and live webinars. We have really enjoyed the process!

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes photo gallery of our team hard at work.

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