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Businessman holding Cloud of justice and law icon bubble with data 3d rendering
Blog 06 Sep 2022

Making E-Government Work

E-government is a powerful tool to modernise administration and provide services directly to citizens. What are its benefits and how can we build s...
Blog 06 Sep 2022

Deliberative Democracy in Action

Deliberative democracy is an interesting form of community participation that we present in our citizen participation course. The term refers to fa...
Adriana Ombudsman Den Haag copy 3
Blog 06 Jul 2022

Ombudsperson: investigator and mediator at the same time

The institute ‘Ombudsman’ contributes to a vital democracy that cares about its citizens. Adriana Stehouwer is Ombudsman for two municipalities...
Blog 27 Jun 2022

Taking Control Over Own Development: Community Mobilisation in Myanmar

The 2021 military coup has cracked down on Myanmar’s fledgling democracy. Now, actors across the country are promoting self-sufficiency in local ...
Trees Canal Park Nature Plant City Water Boat
Blog 21 Apr 2022

Investing in Nature-Inclusive Cities for Healthy Communities

Blog written by Oscar Alvarado, programme manager/trainer at The Hague Academy ‘Invest in our Planet’ Earth Day 2022 is all about ensuring a gr...
Open data tour article copy
Blog 20 Apr 2022

An Open Data Tour of Utrecht: Public Information Used for Good

Open data is essential for governments to provide better and more informed public services and to establish transparency and accountability in thei...
Men of equality
Blog 25 Feb 2022

Gender Equality: not only a women’s issue

In Ghana, like everywhere else, men can play a significant role in pursuing gender equality. Christopher Lartey, Alumnus of our Gender Responsive G...
Blog 03 Sep 2021

Five key ingredients towards greater resilience in cities

Cities are engines of innovation and economic development. But they also face many of the world’s most pressing challenges. Resilience has become...
Blog 03 Sep 2021

Promoting Inclusive Service Delivery Globally

Local governments are essential for improving people’s living conditions, irrespective of their location, income, sex, age or ethnicity. In t...
Blog 01 Sep 2021

Citizen participation initiatives in Amsterdam

In celebration of the International Day of Democracy on the 15th of September, we focus on the potential of citizen participation and inclusive gov...
Blog 27 Jun 2021

From migration to integration

Despite many barriers, refugees all over the world are making a positive impact on the societies they live in. Looking back on World Refugee Day, w...
Snippet Earth Day
Blog 23 Apr 2021

Earth Day campaign: Restore our Earth

Sustainability. Mitigation. Adaptation. As climate change continues to occur at alarming rates, these concepts have become more prevalent in our so...

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