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Blog 01 Sep 2021
Citizen participation initiatives in Amsterdam
In celebration of the International Day of Democracy on the 15th of September, we focus on the potential of citizen participation and inclusive gov...
Blog 27 Jun 2021
From migration to integration
Despite many barriers, refugees all over the world are making a positive impact on the societies they live in. Looking back on World Refugee Day, w...
Snippet Earth Day
Blog 23 Apr 2021
Earth Day campaign: Restore our Earth
Sustainability. Mitigation. Adaptation. As climate change continues to occur at alarming rates, these concepts have become more prevalent in our so...
Migration and Local Authorities Course
Blog 20 Apr 2021
Local challenges and solutions for migration: an interview with Bastien Revel
Refugees overwhelmingly reside within host communities rather than in refugee camps. The host communities and countries have to cope not only with ...
snippet-covid-19 latin america
Blog 24 Feb 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on accountability and participation in local governance
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, governments at different levels introduced unprecedented measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Although n...
snippet-Henk Bruning
Blog 24 Feb 2021
What would you do? Addressing moral dilemmas and integrity at work with Henk Bruning
How can you tell if you are facing a moral dilemma and how can you deal with it? We interviewed Henk Bruning, renowned international integrity expe...
Blog 31 Oct 2020
Medellin: leading the way for smart and resilient cities
Often known for its violent past, the second biggest city of Colombia has become a global example of resilience and urban transformation. Over the ...
Ebola must go
Blog 07 Apr 2020
Learning from local responses to an infectious disease in Monrovia
Amid the worldwide Corona-virus outbreak, local governments are facing extreme pressures to protect their residents and to develop a local response...
Disaster preparedness
Blog 19 Mar 2020
Disaster Preparedness: a local governance imperative
By Job van der Poel, Programme Manager and Trainer at The Hague Academy Socio-natural disasters and risks have been a threat to human life for cent...
Blog 19 Nov 2019
From reception to integration: Bogota’s response to Venezuelan migration crisis  
The world is currently witnessing high levels of human displacement. Local governments are at the forefront of the response to the large numbers of...
Mindanao map
Blog 25 Jul 2019
How to govern and sustain peace in Mindanao, The Philippines?
Following the Philippine peace agreement of 2014, the new Bangsamoro Autonomous Region was created with the aim to end the struggle for independenc...
Blog 28 Feb 2019
How to Systematically Improve Gender Equality in Your Organisation
This post was originally published in 2015. Do you want to become a more efficient organisation or institution? Then consider more sufficient effor...

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