Improving Social Services in Lebanon

In Beirut, a group of 12 Lebanese civil servants from the Ministry of Social Affairs recently presented their back home action plans to their ministry and to The Hague Academy training team. The training on Leadership and Inclusive Governance was funded by Nuffic.

The participants were coached on developing and improving their action plans which followed an initial training conducted in June 2018. This resulted in three high-quality project proposals evaluated by The Hague Academy and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The plans focused on

  1. Coordination and collaboration in the service delivery processes between two social development centers in one geographic area;
  2. Improving the effective communication skills among the decision makers in the central departments of the Ministry of Social Affairs; and
  3. Engaging various stakeholders in the local development process at the municipality level.

After the presentations, the participants received their well-deserved certificates from The Hague Academy. As one participant concluded, “techniques and tools from this training were great! The experts gave us rich information and practical knowledge, and this helped our skills in effective communication and allowed us to act positively, take decisions and change behavior. Overall, we learned new skills and techniques that we will apply in our daily work.”

We wish the participants all the best in their careers and in implementing their plans!

This tailor-made training was part of the Capacity Development Programme – Lebanon managed by Nuffic and funded by the Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs. Learn more about tailor-made training opportunities from The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

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