Masterclass social cohesion in Rio de Janeiro

During the fifth edition of the UN Habitat World Urban Forum, which will be held from 22 until 26 March in Rio de Janeiro, The Hague Academy will organise a masterclass on how to strengthen social cohesion and manage conflict in cities.

Using a mix of presentations, video and small group exercises, this masterclass aims to equip you with analytical tools, inspire you and help you to generate new ideas for strengthening social cohesion in your cities. It will provide you with a better understanding of social cohesion in your city and at the (inter)national level. Furthermore it will equip you with ideas and tools for designing policies to improve social cohesion, and translating these policies into practice.

The trainer of this masterclass will be Professor Gerd Junne. Professor Junne holds the chair in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, and is one of the founding members of the Amsterdam Centre for Conflict Studies. In a panel discussion, two Mayors from different countries will share their experiences in implementing projects aiming to strengthen social cohesion. You can now register for this masterclass on the website of the World Urban Forum.


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