Monitoring good governance and anti-discrimination policies in Croatia

Our colleague Lars Burema was in Zagreb, Croatia last week to discuss with Local Authorities and Civil Society organisations their role in fighting discrimination. They learned how they can monitor anti-discrimination and good governance effectively and how they can collaborate in this.

He reports “Discrimination is an extremely important and sensitive issue, but is often seen as national-level problem, that´s why I am happy that we are having this discussion with actors who can make a real difference at the local level. I’m also glad that we are focusing on establishing an effective monitoring system for these issues, monitoring is after all the key to evidence-based policy making, but is often neglected in relation to human right”. At the end of the training one of the participants said: “I learned to recognise discrimination and how we are influenced by prejudice, as well as techniques to fight this. This training was really useful”.

This one-week training workshop is implemented in partnership with PAX and is part of the project ‘Civil Society for Accountable Governance’, implemented by the Centre for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights and funded by the European Union.

Pic croatia

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