Overview of our latest activites

COVID-19 didn’t mean that we froze our efforts to strengthen local democracy worldwide. Amid a global public health emergency and despite all related restrictions, we continued our activities. With two open e-courses and several tailor-made programmes running, our trainers and course participants are as active as ever. Below an overview:


  • Online training on Water Management and the Food Security Nexus in Iran


  • “Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs”: in-person training in Tunisia


  • Online Training of Trainers on Integrity and Good Governance in Ukraine


  • Online training on Local Economic Development for MENA-participants


  • Final online conference on Local Safety and Security in Albania


  • Online Shiraka-training “Social Affairs & Employment” – part I


  • Online Shiraka-training “Water Management” – part I


  • Blended open training: “Climate Adaptation and Local Resilience”


  • Blended open training: “Integrity an anti-corruption”


  • Online training on Regional Development for UNDP Afghanistan





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