Review Multilevel Water Governance 2014

Foto Water 2014 a

Tegenu Tsige,
Working for Meta Meta branch in Ethiopia

“This training was a real experience and opened my eyes.”



My expectations

“I work as resident project manager in a water governance project in Ehtiopia. Different government levels are involved in this project, such as the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Awash Basin Authority. I wanted to participate in this training to learn more about perspectives, frameworks and approaches of water governance, and how these are applied in different countries.”


“This training was a real experience and opened my eyes. It simplifies my daily work by providing tools, methodologies and proven and pracitcal experiences through case studies. The five blocks of good water governance was one of the most interesting things I learned. It really helped me to structure my thinking. In addition to that, the studyh visit to the regional water authority Delfland about waste water treatment, the different technologies that wer presented and the cooperation with the municipality, has really inspired me.”

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