Every Voice Counts – Burundi

Every Voice Counts is a programme from CARE Nederland and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for which The Hague Academy provides courses and training. Based on the principle that inclusive governance helps lead to peace and stability, CARE and its partners actively promote effective and inclusive decision-making processes in the world’s most fragile states. Every Voice Counts was active in Afghanistan, Burundi, Pakistan, Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan. The project ran from 2016 to 2020.

The EVC Programme in Burundi focused on empowering excluded women and girls by providing them with information and increasing their awareness of rights. This will ultimately result in them influencing the implementation of the decision making. To achieve this, EVC activities will empower excluded groups on lobby & advocacy and strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations as well as public authorities on inclusive governance.


  •  Introduce principles of local governance and decentralisation.
  •  exchange knowledge and expertise on citizen participation, social accountability and the interplay between citizens and government institutions.


15 days of training were conducted to strengthen the capacity of local authorities and CSOs on issues related to inclusive governance.


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