We Are Able!

We are able! is a five-year programme launched in 2021 that focuses on empowering people with disabilities in Central Africa, to the extent that they can fully participate in society. In this project, six organisations from Central Africa and the Netherlands, including The Hague Academy for Local Governance, work together with people with disabilities and their representatives. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Main goal

Empowering, amplifying voices and creating resilience among people with disabilities and other excluded groups, particularly those faced with food insecurity in areas of protracted crises.


  • Train local trainers so they can implement a curriculum on inclusive governance;
  • Train local trainers on the facilitation of problem-driven action planning sessions for public authorities and organisations of people with disabilities (DPOs);
  • Coach local trainers to facilitate action plan learning workshops regularly; and
  • Provide access to online learning platforms.


Within the programme, The Hague Academy for Local Governance is responsible for developing a local training curriculum on inclusive governance and training local trainers to support them in implementing the curriculum themselves. The overall programme will create the following outcomes:

Women, men and youth with disabilities and other marginalised groups are actively participating in local DPOs and CSOs.

Local and inclusive DPOs/CSOs are actively involved, legitimate and have more ownership in lobby and advocacy at all levels, and they are able to influence the gender-sensitive Local Inclusion Agenda and improve equal rights and access to productive resources for all.

Local authorities are actively engaging with DPOs/CSOs to develop laws and practices and set norms for inclusive governance.

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