Every Voice Counts – Somalia

The Every Voice Counts (EVC) Programme is funded through the ‘Dialogue and Dissent’ strategic partnership programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aims to contribute to inclusive and effective governance processes in fragile settings. A key obstacle to achieving stability and sustainable development in fragile settings is the structural exclusion of segments of society from local, district level and national governance processes. The EVC programme Theory of Change (ToC) addresses this by focusing on inclusive governance processes, referring to the extent to which governance processes provide space to overcome the systematic exclusion of disadvantaged groups seeking to participate in decision making, in particular women and/or youth.

The EVC programme in Somalia tries to make sure that young women and men in Puntland and South Central Somalia are represented, are able to have their voices heard, and influence decision making that affects their lives through participation in informal and formal governance mechanisms and decision-making processes, including the federal election and the finalization of the federal constitution. A baseline studies was carried out in 2016 to establish the situation the EVC programme aims to change.

From 2016-2020, The Hague Academy for Local Governance, partner of CARE Netherlands in Every Voice Counts programme (EVC), will build the capacity of Local Authorities (LAs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for inclusive governance. The capacity building modalities used include Training of Trainers (ToT), coaching teams of national trainers during trainings in the field, distant coaching and facilitating action plan follow-up workshops.


  1. Build the capacities of a team of national EVC trainers to become effective THA trainers;
  2. Strengthen the capacities of the team of national EVC trainers and programme beneficiaries (CSOs and local authorities) on the topics of decentralisation, inclusive governance, gender, citizen participation, social accountability and change management;
  3. Support the CSOs and local authorities to develop and implement action plans at organisational level.


  • ToT graduates, series of training of trainers, action plans, action plan follow-up workshop.


  • CARE Netherlands
  • CARE Somalia