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Land Administration in Zambia

From 2019 to 2020, The Hague Academy developed an Orange Knowledge tailor-made training for staff members from the Zambia Survey Department and the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. 

Main goal

The training programme aimed to enable participants to fully embrace the goals of the National Land Titling Programme and its implementation with the related new technologies. The training will first contribute to a positive change in their mindset and enhance their present technological skills.

As the national land titling programme ensures inclusion of marginalised and discriminated groups when it comes to land rights, the training will ultimately contribute to protecting the interests of these groups within Zambia, through policy development and implementation of the programme.


In Group 1 (cartographers):

  • Update participants knowledge on contemporary methods of map production and digital data transfer;
  • Provide participants with customer-oriented skills (in collaboration with the Customer Service Centre (CSC) of the Ministry); and
  • Train participants to act as a back office for the CSC.

In Group 2 (Middle/senior management):

  • Update participants knowledge and skills to understand and guide the changes needed within the Zambia Survey Department on the technology and management of land administration in Zambia.


The training was delivered to 28 participants, mainly linked to the Zambia Survey Department, in the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources. The programme was composed of two phases:

In 2019, the first phase of the programme was implemented, divided into two training modules taking place in Livingstone, Zambia. The first training week was attended by cartographers and the second week by middle/senior management.

In 2020, a Land Administration Stakeholders Conference was held in Lusaka Zambia. The conference brought all actors that work on land administration in Zambia together for the first time. Experiences were shared and action plans were drawn between the ministry and the actors.

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