Localising the SDGs in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Ghana

In 2019, The Hague Academy developed a tailor-made training programme for GIZ Pakistan on the localisation of the SDGs. The training was delivered to 14 participants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Ghana, working for different public institutions and universities. 

Main goals

The training programme discussed how donor and development agencies can support a multilevel governance approach to deal with future development challenges and the SDGs.


  • Frame the concept of “localising” the SDGs and understand the concept of territorial (place-based) development & its opportunities;
  • Define Political Economy Analysis (PEA) and its scope;
  • Distinguish different mechanisms for localising development;
  • Recognize and apply the Local Governance Institutions Comparative Assessment (LoGICA) Framework to a country/context;
  • Identify possibilities and approaches to achieve more sustainable subnational financial resources for achieving the SDGs;
  • Acquire knowledge, skills, and tools on how to monitor and evaluate SDGs at the local level to ensure development progress is equitable, relevant and sustainable; and
  • Understand how evaluation of the SDGs at the sub-national and national level can draw from and feed into national and global SDG feedback and review systems.


Through this programme, 14 participants attended five days of training in The Netherlands. The programme allowed participants to:

Gain improved insight on the SDGs and their territorial approaches, on political economy and decentralisation reforms, and on the Dutch experience in localising the SDGs.

Acquire a thorough understanding of the importance of local government systems in localising services and, sustainable financing of local development.

Examined the roles of grassroots innovation processes and local initiatives in local development.

Acquired tools for the monitoring and evaluation of SDGs implementation.

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