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Regional Development Agencies Training

In 2020, The Hague Academy developed a tailor-made and practice-oriented training programme to provide participants from the Independent Directorate of Local Governance Afghanistan (IDLG) and UNDP Afghanistan with the skills and knowledge to promote regional development and define the role of regional development agencies (RDAs) in this process.


  • Provide an overview of decentralisation theory and practice to allow participants to analyse the level of decentralisation in Afghanistan;
  • Provide the different steps involved in developing a local economic development (LED) strategy and introduce the Dutch LED approach; and
  • Develop a strategy for the RDAs in Afghanistan.

“It was interesting to learn about the Dutch experience on joint investments by different institutions through RDAs. In our case, small municipalities with less budget than for instance, provincial capital municipalities, could greatly benefit from joint investments.” Mohammad Naseer Hamidi. Director General of Urban Governance, IDLG.


In a three-week intensive online training, ten high-level officials were trained on the following topics:

Decentralisation and Fiscal Decentralisation

Local Economic Development Strategies and the role of Regional Development Agencies

Key characteristics of Regional Development Agencies and how to apply these in the Afghan context

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