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Shiraka Water Management in the Gulf

The Shiraka Water Management programme in the Gulf region consists of a combination of online and face-to-face workshops, practical exercises, group discussions, case studies and study visits for professionals working in the field of water management. Additionally, the programme will allow participants to develop a valuable network with counterparts in the region and in the Netherlands.

Participants will become aware of the relevance of the relationship between government, private and knowledge institutions and explore the connection between integrated water policies, safe drinking water and the development of agriculture, industry and service sectors. Special focus will be placed on innovations and management practices for the supply and demand of water in the region, as well as analysing and enhancing the existing institutional framework for sustainable water resources management in each country. Participants will also assess the role of local, national and regional institutions and other stakeholders in order to promote practices of good governance in the water sector, improve coordination and cooperation between the different institutions and stakeholders (at all levels), and optimise water allocation according to national strategies and priorities.

Main goal

The Shiraka Water Management programme aims to provide those who are working in the field of water management in the Gulf region with the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills, enabling them to lead and inspire the modernisation of water management in their home countries. The course also aims to strengthen participants’ ties with the Netherlands and stakeholders in the Dutch water sector.


  • Improve the knowledge and skills of Gulf water professionals, policymakers and other stakeholders on integrated water management and water governance strategy in the Gulf region and individual countries;
  • Improve the participants’ knowledge and skills through sharing knowledge and expertise on challenges, solutions and opportunities for strengthening ties with the Dutch water sector; and
  • Enhance their knowledge and skills on efficient water use and management across key sectors such as agriculture and food security, industrial manufacturing, drinking water and sanitation, wastewater treatment and reuse, urban development, and ecosystem health. These have important implications for the observed trends in groundwater over-exploitation and desalination capacity in the Gulf region.


Two weeks of online training

One week of face-to-face training in Oman

Two weeks of online training (refresher)

One week of face-to-face training in the Netherlands (study visits)



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