8 March: International Women’s day..

Next Sunday we celebrate International Women’s Day. This day represents the achievement of women and men all over the world in creating a more equal world and reminds us that we’re not quite there yet and thus should combine our forces and to continue our efforts to achieve change!

The Hague Academy aims to contribute to this goal and organises courses in which our participants get trained in the practical integration of gender in all dimensions of (local) governance, including participation, economic development, accountability and transparency as well as the role of women and men in equitable service delivery. This year’s “Gender Responsive Governance” training is held from 23 March to 3 April 2015 and we look forward to once again welcoming a diverse group of enthusiastic participants who work towards change and to achieve more equality in their organisation, community or society .

You can now test your knowledge about gender equality by doing this short quiz. It takes about two minutes and you might get surprised seeing the results… Quiz it… with The Hague Academy! Click here: http://www.formdesk.com/thehagueacademyforlocalgoverna/Gender_Quiz


International women's day


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