Promoting local security and conflict prevention in Indonesia

How can security actors cooperate effectively at the local level? And how to address conflicts between different groups in society and promote social cohesion? These issues are what a delegation from the Indonesian Coordination Ministry for Politics, Justice and Security vividly discussed and analysed during a two-week training in December 2015 facilitated by The Hague Academy.

During the training, the twenty participants discussed and analysed the theoretical frameworks of conflict and conflict management, democratisation, peace-building, and strategies for restoring citizens’ security. They visited the National Police, local authorities, civil society organisations such as Radar Rotterdam (a local antidiscrimination agency) and the Ministry of Security and Justice, where they also addressed topics like crisis management and cyber security. Finally, they also explored the use of GIS (Geographic Information System) in conflict management and resolution.

As a result of the course, they came up with suggestions to promote effective cooperation of security actors in Indonesia and policy guidelines to tackle some of the most important security challenges facing Indonesia such as cyber security and radicalisation, which will be further developed in the coming months. According to one participant, the programme was “perfect, starting from the recruitment of the participants until the end of the training. The contents of the course are quite substantive, clear and very useful for the implementation of the action plans”.

A refresher course will be organised for this same group in Jakarta in May.

Conflict Management December 2015TM Conflict management Indonesia dec 2015

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