Intermunicipal cooperation based on practical benefits

What are the benefits of intermunicipal cooperation? How can we increase involvement and commitment of member municipalities? Which services should be organised by municipalities and which by a cooperation of municipalities? How can we recruit good staff and ensure they stay with us?

These were some of the burning questions of the Romanian delegation of 20 Romanian civil servants when they arrived to the Netherlands on 6 June. And they found their answers during the three-week internship that The Hague Academy organised for them. All of them experts on intermunicipal cooperation in Romania, their main task was to draw up a management plan for the whole country. And they succeeded in this!

With commitment they worked on the plan, with input from experts in the field of Management of Human Resources, Strategic Management and Financial Management. Additionally, they gained new ideas from the study visits to intermunicipal cooperation associations in the Netherlands and the discussion with their Dutch colleagues.

This internship was organised as part of the project “The Intercommunity Development Associations – an Instrument in Jointly Delivery of Local Public Services, in Term of High Quality and Effectiveness”, co-funded from the European Social Fund through the Operational Program „Administrative Capacity Development”. The beneficiary is The Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior through The Central Unit for Public Administration Reform.

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