On the frontline of climate change

“As a manager in local development planning, I have acquired new skills on how I can include mitigation and adaptation measures in city development interventions. I have also been enlightened with new concepts of climate change”, stated Louis Kondwani Mjumira from Malawi, one of the participants of the training course on Climate Change and Sustainable Local Development after attending the 5-day course at the Hague Academy for Local Governance.

The training course took place from 17-21 October 2011 in the Hague and it offered an integrated approach to climate change by addressing some key questions: How can local governments be proactive in responding and adapting to climate change? How can they plan and implement solutions for environmental and natural resource challenges? How can they promote more sustainable ways of development?

Leading experts from a broad variety of fields (food security, local development planning, natural resource management, environmental valuation, multi-actor approaches) shared with the participants the latest insights on these topics and how they can be better integrated and managed in the local realities of our participants. According to Daniel Kiracho Othieno, one of the other participants: “During the course we had many stimulating and inspiring discussions, which contributed to a greater understanding of climate change concerns in various contexts”.

The group of participants consisted of professionals working with local and regional governments and UNHCR. As they are faced with the challenges of climate change affecting their countries of work, this training course introduced them to a variety of tools and innovative ideas that can be used and incorporated into their daily working agendas.

Is your organisation concerned with similar issues and would you like to find out more about international best practices and tools for finding sustainable solutions? The Hague Academy offers tailor-made courses on climate change and sustainable local development that are designed to match your exact learning needs. Please click here for more information about the course and other practical information.


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