“Even experienced decentralisation practitioners are provided with relevant new insights”

Even experienced decentralisation practitioners are provided with relevant new insights “The summercourse decentralisation combines professional facilitation with renowned experts and a pleasant learning environment”, as said by Carsten Sandhop of KFW Bankengruppe Germany, one of the participants of our one-week summercourse Decentralisation and Local Governance.

“The course starts with an excellent introduction, which provides even experienced practitioners in the area with a good overview of the main concepts of decentralisation. The facilitators are specialists who have extensive experience in the field and delivered high quality training sessions. What I found most interesting were the many examples of decentralisation processes in different countries. Also the knowledge transfer took place in a logical sequence and was very well structured. Overall, I can say that the course consists of a good mix of presentations, practical group exercises and time to apply the lessons learnt to individual working environments.

”The participants consisted of a mix of development partners (headquarters and local offices), academia and civil servants from developing countries. Almost all participants were involved in design and implementation of decentralisation processes. According to Carsten: “There were a lot of different views, ideas and experiences to share and I can really recommend this summercourse to members of our governance team, local professionals who are entrusted with the management of projects that promote decentralisation and local governance and key coordinators for decentralisation. Also employees of decentralisation secretariats, funds or Ministries of Local Governance and Public Works, and representatives of local governments could definitely benefit from this training course”.

Also interested to participate in our Summercourse Decentralisation? The next one will take place from 2 to 6 July 2012. See our website for more information about the course content and other practical information.

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