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News 23 Jul 2018
First 2019 Course to Focus on Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance
Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance will be the Academy’s first open course in 2019. Designed with the practitioner in mind, this cour...
Tailor-made Training in La Marsa, Tunisia
News 19 Jul 2018
Sharing Lessons from the Tunisian Experience on Decentralisation and Local Governance
What are the challenges of decentralisation in the MENA region? This was a core question during the four-day intensive training in Hammamet, Tunisi...
Water Governance okt 2015
News 17 Jul 2018
Want to Improve Water Governance? Bring in the Dutch!
The Hague Academy, in partnership with several prominent water experts from the Netherlands and abroad, will organise its annual open course on Mul...
Inclusive Governance and Leadership - Lebanese Delegation
News 04 Jul 2018
Photo Album: Inclusive Governance and Leadership
From 19 to 27 June, The Hague Academy for Local Governance received a group of 12 participants from the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs and act...
News 19 Jun 2018
Talents Idfi and Milkah Share Lessons Learned from the Citizen Participation Course
“As practitioners we don’t want theories: we want to talk about real problems.”
armenia delegation zoetermeer
News 05 Jun 2018
Armenians Trained on LED
The group of administrators and government advisers were part of The Hague Academy’s tailor-made training on Local Economic Development.
News 16 May 2018
Dutch-Algerian Cooperation on Local Government
On the 9th of May, the Dutch and Algerian Ministers of Foreign Affairs signed a cooperation agreement on trade, migration, security and local go...
Blog 15 May 2018
7 Conditions for Successful Citizen Participation
Inclusive citizen participation in public affairs is not a new concept. Many countries have wide-ranging initiatives that promote citizen involveme...
leadership training
News 09 May 2018
Developing Leadership in Eastern Congo
The Hague Academy recently led a multi-day leadership skills training focused on supporting stabilisation and local security efforts in Bunia, East...
News 26 Apr 2018
10 Years Together: Trends and Challenges in Local Governance
On 24 April, The Hague Academy celebrated its 10th Anniversary in a full-day conference with international experts, partners, alumni, comedian G...
hague academy globe
Other 25 Apr 2018
Video: About The Hague Academy for Local Governance
Good governance at a local level is crucial to progress and development. However, local authorities around the globe too often face barriers when p...
Valeria Amos, head of OCHA, visits refugee camps in Jordan.
News 08 Mar 2018
International Women’s Day 2018
Thursday, 8 March 2018, is International Women’s Day. The observance celebrates women’s achievements and seeks to spark change on issue...

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