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Disaster preparedness
Blog 19 Mar 2020
Disaster Preparedness: a local governance imperative
By Job van der Poel, Programme Manager and Trainer at The Hague Academy Socio-natural disasters and risks have been a threat to human life for cent...
Other 18 Mar 2020
Coronavirus in Europe
In December 2019 in Wuhan China, an outbreak of a novel coronavirus started. Most patients experience mild illness but it can be more severe for ol...
Corona virus snap
Other 16 Mar 2020
Update: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Last updated on 25/02/2022 The situation in the Netherlands and the EU Due to concerns about the Omicron variant of the virus, the Dutch government...
News 10 Mar 2020
How did we do in 2019?
Since the New Year, The Hague Academy’s team collected and analysed the evaluation results of all our course participants in 2019. We learned abo...
overview latest activites
News 09 Mar 2020
Photo-gallery – Overview of our latest activites
Our team was busy during the past few months. From open trainings, and tailor-made trainings, to several missions abroad, The Hague Academy stayed ...
News 09 Mar 2020
PARTOS quality seal of approval
We can now proudly say that as of February 2020 The Hague Academy for Local Governance is PARTOS 9001 certified. The Partos 9001 is the most approp...
Mousa alumni
Stories 09 Mar 2020
Alumni stories: Mousa Alhlaihl
Water. Inspiration. Know-how. Expertise. These are words that continuously cross the minds of our ‘Shiraka: Water Management’ participants. The...
Integrity and anticorruption
Other 09 Mar 2020
Integrity and Anti-corruption
Click here to zoom in   Click here to find all the information about our upcoming course on Integrity and Anticorruption. https://cms.thehague...
News 26 Nov 2019
Photo-gallery: Overview of our latest activities
Our team was busy during the summer months. From open trainings, and tailor-made trainings, to several missions abroad, The Hague Academy stayed ac...
News 26 Nov 2019
UCLG Congress: Cities are listening
The Hague Academy took part in The World Summit of United Cities and Local Governments – UCLG Congress 2019 in Durban, South Africa. Organize...
Blog 19 Nov 2019
From reception to integration: Bogota’s response to Venezuelan migration crisis  
The world is currently witnessing high levels of human displacement. Local governments are at the forefront of the response to the large numbers of...
1 small
News 14 Nov 2019
Promoting Integrity in Ukraine
Good governance and integrity in public institutions: this is the goal of the MATRA programme in Ukraine. We talked to the participants about their...

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