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snippet Mohammed
News 09 Jul 2020
Support to Syrian community workers in Jordan dealing with gender based violence
With one person in 15 being a refugee, Jordan hosts one of the largest numbers of refugees per capita in the world. Currently, more than 657,000 Sy...
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Stories 27 May 2020
From training in The Hague to influencing national policies in Colombia
Our programmes aim to develop our participants’ knowledge and skills to act as change agents. We often hear back from our alumni, who share i...
News 26 May 2020
Customised online training
Leadership in Corona times Leadership and good governance are crucial in preventing the further spread of Corona. Not only for an adequate response...
News 26 May 2020
New horizons for entrepreneurs
Creating an environment that encourages entrepreneurship is a challenging, yet relevant topic. This optimal business environment is known as an Eco...
Online sinnpet LED
News 26 May 2020
Learning Local Economic Development at a distance
The lockdown measures put in place around the world have posed a big challenge for our training offer. However, we remain as committed as ever to o...
News 25 May 2020
Photo-gallery – Overview of our latest activites
In the middle of a busy March, with three courses running, our trainers and course participants were suddenly confronted with the Corona-outbreak. ...
Citizen participation postponed
Other 10 May 2020
Citizen Participation Course: Postponed
Due to the measures taken by several countries (including The Netherlands) and as a necessary measure to prevent the further spread of the Corona...
Other 30 Apr 2020
Scholarships for our short courses
Full scholarships are available to attend our short courses at The Hague Academy.  The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) and the MENA Scholarship P...
Ebola must go
Blog 07 Apr 2020
Learning from local responses to an infectious disease in Monrovia
Amid the worldwide Corona-virus outbreak, local governments are facing extreme pressures to protect their residents and to develop a local response...
Climate cpurse postponed
Other 02 Apr 2020
Climate Adaptation course: Postponed
Due to the measures taken by several countries (including The Netherlands) and as a necessary measure to prevent the further spread of the Coronavi...
Disaster preparedness
Blog 19 Mar 2020
Disaster Preparedness: a local governance imperative
By Job van der Poel, Programme Manager and Trainer at The Hague Academy Socio-natural disasters and risks have been a threat to human life for cent...
Other 18 Mar 2020
Coronavirus in Europe
In December 2019 in Wuhan China, an outbreak of a novel coronavirus started. Most patients experience mild illness but it can be more severe for ol...

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