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News 04 Nov 2021

Challenges to Police Integrity in Times of Corona

Times of crisis demand urgent actions from governments and public institutions in multiple, cross-cutting areas. This sense of urgency makes it dif...
News 02 Nov 2021

Reaching Marginalised Groups Through Inclusive Education

Inclusive Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is crucial to ensuring that disadvantaged groups, such as migrants and refugees, c...
News 02 Nov 2021

Promoting Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Central Africa

Theophile Shukuru Kyolandawa is a trainer at We are Able! (WaA!, or Tuna Weza, in Kiswahili) – a programme that aims to promote local inclusi...
News 02 Nov 2021

Local action to climate change: spotlighting seven community initiatives during COP26

From 31 October to 12 November 2021, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland. This summit of...
Blog 03 Sep 2021

Five key ingredients towards greater resilience in cities

Cities are engines of innovation and economic development. But they also face many of the world’s most pressing challenges. Resilience has become...
Blog 03 Sep 2021

Promoting Inclusive Service Delivery Globally

Local governments are essential for improving people’s living conditions, irrespective of their location, income, sex, age or ethnicity. In t...
Alumni Story Snippet
Stories 01 Sep 2021

The Road to Local Fiscal Autonomy in Mali

Issiaka Bôh Magassa is a technical advisor at the Regional Development Agency of Kayes, in Mali. In 2021, he joined our Fiscal Decentralisation &#...
News 01 Sep 2021

From crisis to opportunity: inclusive water management in Zambia

Solwezi is a rapidly growing town in the North-West of Zambia. The nearby opening of several mines brought a large migration influx into the town. ...
Blog 01 Sep 2021

Citizen participation initiatives in Amsterdam

In celebration of the International Day of Democracy on the 15th of September, we focus on the potential of citizen participation and inclusive gov...
News 12 Jul 2021

Gender mainstreaming in district plans Rwanda

The Hague Academy concluded the ‘Transformative Agents of Change programme’ for Rwandan local authorities. Twenty agents of change were...
News 29 Jun 2021

Translating Learning into Local Action

Public officials from our Shiraka Programme ‘Social Affairs & Employment’ presented their plans to reduce school dropouts, create...
News 28 Jun 2021

Alumni event: what have we learned in COVID-times?

Coming from all parts of the world, our alumni share the same goal: trying to make life a bit better for all citizens in their communities. With ou...

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