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Open data tour article copy
Blog 20 Apr 2022

An Open Data Tour of Utrecht: Public Information Used for Good

Open data is essential for governments to provide better and more informed public services and to establish transparency and accountability in thei...
1645734598135 copy
News 01 Mar 2022

A Message of Solidarity with Ukraine

The Hague Academy expresses its solidarity with Ukrainian citizens. Our thoughts are with our alumni, their families and all those in affected regi...
IMG_1047 copy
News 01 Mar 2022

A Local Economic Development Strategy in Five Steps

Local Economic Development (LED) strayegies are used for optimising the potential of a community, but these require avid preparation and effective ...
Valentina Ospitia
Stories 01 Mar 2022

Smart City Practices in Cali

Santiago de Cali is a lively and bustling city in Colombia’s southwest. It has steadily grown to become one of the country’s leading cities and...
News 01 Mar 2022

Apply for the UCLG Peace Prize 2022

Does your local government have an initiative that promotes peace in the broadest sense of the word? Apply with your local government for the third...
Other 01 Mar 2022

Inclusive Disaster Risk Management in Somaliland

When a crisis hits, it is the local authorities who are most often at the frontlines. Local authorities should assume a coordinating role, connecti...
Men of equality
Blog 25 Feb 2022

Gender Equality: not only a women’s issue

In Ghana, like everywhere else, men can play a significant role in pursuing gender equality. Christopher Lartey, Alumnus of our Gender Responsive G...
Impact 2020 copy
News 23 Dec 2021

Did COVID Influence Training Impact?

Less post-training networking but similar results for post-training change. This is what we can conclude from the impact survey amongst our 2020 op...
News 17 Dec 2021

Promoting Peace and Inclusive Governance in the Philippines

In 2014, after nearly two decades of conflict, the Philippine Government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front came to an agreement to end hostilit...
Bikhas Adihari
Stories 17 Dec 2021

Addressing Climate Vulnerability in the Himalayas

Dhankuta sits at the foothills of the Himalayas, in eastern Nepal. The town is the capital of Dhankuta District, a lush and biodiverse area that ra...
Bhutan 2
News 16 Dec 2021

Building Effective Water Governance in Bhutan

Despite being abundant in water, Bhutan faces challenges in distributing potable water to its citizens. An Orange Knowledge training programme supp...
Stories 15 Dec 2021

Building Social Cohesion Amongst Refugees & Local Communities in Uganda

Fred Buzu Asi works as Community Services Officer at the Ministerial Department of Refugees in Uganda. His main responsibilities are to ensure peac...

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