Photo-gallery – Overview of our latest activites

Our team was busy during the past few months. From open trainings, and tailor-made trainings, to several missions abroad, The Hague Academy stayed active supporting professionals who strive to improve local governance worldwide. We want to share with you an overview of our activities during the last couple of months.

In January:


Shiraka training programme: Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs

From the 20th till the 24th of January we held the first training of the year. Civil servants, entrepreneurs and Eco-system experts from Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia travelled to The Hague for the Shiraka training programme ‘Eco-system for Entrepreneurs’. On top of study visits and various sessions with international experts, the group went for a Network reception where they met experts from different Dutch institutions. The course was funded by RVO under the Shiraka Training Programme, and implemented by The Hague Academy.

In February:


Empowering Syrian Community Facilitators: SGBV & Skills Training

From February 11 until 18, our team conducted a Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) & Skills training with a group of 15 Syrian refugees working in camps and in urban areas.

The participants were community facilitators from different organisations. The group not only learned about SGBV but also about a series of fundamental skills like community mobilisation, communication, conflict resolution and transformative leadership. The training was funded by Nuffic Global Development and conducted by The Hague Academy, together with the Mastery for Business and Training Development (MBTD), based in Amman.

Open training: Fiscal Decentralisation and Local Finance

Our first open training of 2020 took place between the 10th and the 21st of February. We hosted a group of professionals from eight different countries for our 2-week course on Fiscal Decentralisation & Local Finance. The group followed a diverse programme of workshops and study-visits. One of the study visits was to The Hague Municipality, where they learned how local government finances work in the Netherlands and engaged in a local finance quiz.

Open training: Migration and Local Authorities

From the 24th of February till the 6th of March, a great group of professionals working on migration issues in different municipalities around the world travelled to The Hague to follow our open training on Migration and Local Authorities. They went on a full-day study visit to the city of #Rotterdam, where they learned how the Municipality implements migration policies and cooperates with civil society organisations. The group also visited the Dutch council for refugees (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland) and Stichting Nieuw Thuis Rotterdam. In an enriching exchange exercise, the participants learned from the organisations’ different integration projects and shared with them their experience back home.

In March:


Regional conferences: Local Safety and Security in Albania

As part of the project on Local Safety and Security in Albania, regional conferences are being held in three different Albanian municipalities. Local Action Groups were established in each municipality to ensure better and more effective cooperation among the municipalities, the police forces, and the community. This project is being implemented by The Hague Academy, together with VNG-International and FLAG.

Land administration in Zambia

Our team visited Zambia once again for the Orange Knowledge-Program “Land administration in support of the National Titling Program in Zambia”, funded by Nuffic. The purpose of the project was to contribute to the training of Land Registry/Land Officers, and to do a follow-up training for middle/senior Land Managers in Livingstone, Zambia. The training was concluded with a two-day conference for the Zambian government and NGOs in Lusaka. The training covered topics such as gender inclusion, change management, communication and dialogue, and land policy, administration, and governance.

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