Review Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance 2015

Citizen Participation a


Turiyah Bakri,
Working for ParePare Municipality in Indonesia.
Participated in the training Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance in 2015.

“The practical and active approach in the training was very inspiring and motivating “


My expectations

“In my work as a development officer at the department of agriculture of ParePare Municipality I have a lot of contact with different ethnic groups and religions. I also work closely together with local farmers who are a minority group and are often not involved in participation processes. By joining this course, I hope to get new ideas about how to change the public’s perception about minorities in their communities, how agriculture can be a part of society and bring communities togheter, and how local government can stimulate and develop citizen participation.”


“I learned that the best way to encourage citizen participation is to make citizens your partner, listen what they need, and involve them form the first instance. Furthermore, the course provided a good opportunity to learn from the other participants. The staff and facilitatiors were very professional. The practical and active approach in the training inspired an motivated me to contribute to the development.”

A657 Citizen participation 2015

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