Review Local Economic Development 2016

Ali Alagari


Ali Al-Agri,
Working for UNDP in Yemen
Participated in the training Local Economic Development in January 2016

“I will always recommend this training to my colleagues and friends.”


My expectations

“My work with UNDP Yemen aims at supporting local communities and authority’s efforts in improving their livelihoods in general and economy in particular. I would really like to improve my skills to help communities participate constructively in local governance, assess their economic needs and plan for activities that enhance their social cohesion, economic growth and stability.”


“It was a unique opportunity for me to participate in the Local Economic Development training course. This training came at the right time in my career.  The LED training fits very well with my work objectives and goals. The training helped enhancing my skills and knowledge in relation to LED as part of my profession. The tools provided during the training will be very useful for me as I work with youth and local communities. Such tools include but not limited to strategic planning for LED, supporting local entrepreneurship, and most importantly implementing LED in conflict and post-conflict context. This training has been so powerful and useful due to the training and administrative team. They were supportive, professional, collaborative and so friendly.”

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