Sharing Lessons from the Tunisian Experience on Decentralisation and Local Governance

What are the challenges of decentralisation in the MENA region? This was a core question during the four-day intensive training in Hammamet, Tunisia.

Tailor-made Training in La Marsa, Tunisia

Incorporating the framework of the Shiraka programme – a Dutch bilateral effort organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands – the tailor-made training from the Academy focused on the role that local authorities can and should play in decentralisation and promote sustainable development.

“We held this training in Tunisia because we wanted to learn from Tunisia’s relatively advanced approach to decentralisation,” said Samir Marmouri, an expert trainer with the Academy. In early May there were local elections in Tunisia and so sharing news and lessons on the Tunisian experience provided an important backdrop and context for an exchange between participants.”

Twenty local government officials representing Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia participated in the training. Looking ahead, a possible alumni event may gather to keep the network strong and share progress from their respective back home action plans.

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Tailor-Made Trainings

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Open Courses in 2019

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