Talents start in course Local Economic Development

Four young municipal talents, coming from Ukraine, Indonesia and Albania have joined the Local Economic Development course as part of their Talent for Governance-scholarship this Sunday. After finishing this one-week programme, they will spend one week in a Dutch municipality to follow an internship.

 During the course the scholars will learn how local governments can develop and implement a Local Economic Development vision and strategy. Together with the other participants they will practice in involving different stakeholders in the realization of their ambitions, and they will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other. During the study visits they will be inspired by Dutch examples of LED practices. After the course the young talents will stay at a Dutch municipality where they can experience what activities local authorities in The Netherlands undertake and how they cooperate with stakeholders. Host municipalities are Delft, Drechterland and Meppel.

The young municipal talents are invited for a networking event with young civil servants from The Hague in the first week. Apart from this live meeting during their stay in the Netherlands, the scholars will also share their experiences with other members of  the Talent For Governance online network afterwards. Through this network, they can stay in touch with their host  municipality and colleagues from other parts of the world.

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