Minister of Justice, Ard van der Steur on the Importance of Integrity for Transparent Institutions

In his speech at the MATRA PATROL-reception last week, the Dutch Minister of Justice, Ard van der Steur, stressed the importance of anti-corruption and integrity policies to help build a well-functioning legal order.

At the reception, the Minister addressed 75 training participants from seven EU (pre-)accession countries who gathered to exchange and discuss issues related to the rule of law.

Ard vd SteurVan der Steur emphasised the necessity of interaction and exchange and to learn from best practices in Europe, and he encouraged the participants to build strong and internationally oriented legal orders back home.

The participants of our training on Integrity of Civil Servants told the Minister that the training was an excellent opportunity to learn more about EU-practices and that it provided them with a network for future cooperation on integrity enforcement action plans.

In addition to theoretical sessions about the seven building blocks of integrity and dilemma training, the course offered various study-visits which gave insight into the working methods of the Integrity Bureau of the city of Amsterdam, the role of the Court of Audit in The Netherlands, the tasks of Anti-Fraud Office of the European Commission (OLAF) and the activities of Transparancy International in Brussels.

Matra Integrity April 2015


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