Various backgrounds serve as eye-opener and result in new ideas´

From 27 March until 1 April the training programme Leadership and Municipality took place in The Hague. Ten participants from Trinidad and Tobago, South-Africa, Palestine, Ukraine, Zambia and Cameroon successfully completed the course. Sessions, exercises and field visits were organised around topics like leadership and management skills, HRM, service delivery, communication, information and citizen participation.

At the end of the week they left the Netherlands with many new ideas, gained from their fellow participants, Dutch colleagues, experts and trainers. Each participant will implement at least one of these ideas with the help of their personal Back Home Action Plan, or as one participant enthusiastically commented: ´Very impressed with, and feel challenge with the back home action plan!’

As usually, the study visits to the Dutch municipalities were highly valued. In Amsterdam the participants gained new insights about smart ways of citizen engagement and they were inspired by the vision and work of the City Manager of Amsterdam West. In the afternoon participants experienced how powerful and active citizens and volunteers working for an NGO can make a change in their own troubled neighbourhood. In the city hall of the municipality of Maassluis the participants saw the concept one-stop shop in service delivery and they discussed different models of service delivery with their Dutch colleagues.

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