Aid Effectiveness, Decentralisation & Local Governance

The project delivered two training workshops in 2012: a workshop in Bern, Switzerland and a training workshop in Mozambique. Participants discussed the concepts of fiscal, administrative and political decentralisation. They also learned to recognise key features of political economy analysis and learned how political economy diagnostics can be useful to understand decentralisation and local governance. Moreover, they learned about local governance and domestic accountability. They discussed the mobilisation of own revenues as a way to strengthen accountability and the relationship between decentralisation and sector-support programmes.


  • To enhance the capacity of the donor organisations, Ministries, local governments and NGOs targeted stakeholders in the implementation of harmonised and aligned support to decentralisation and local governance.
  • To promote closer interaction among all interested stakeholders, and discuss national-level support strategies to decentralisation and local governance.


A four-day workshop in Bern, Switzerland with 41 participants from international development organisations.

A three-day workshop in Mozambique with 40 locally active stakeholders (staff of INGOs in the country, central and local government officials and CSOs).

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