Shiraka Local Governance

This Shiraka training programme is designed for civil servants working in the field of local governance. The course has a practical and interactive character. Participants come together to share knowledge and strengthen the cooperation with other civil servants from the participating countries.

Main Goal

The training course aims to share knowledge and skills enabling them to lead and inspire the modernisation of local governance in their home countries. The course also aims to strengthen participants’ ties with the Netherlands and the Dutch government, especially between Dutch civil servants and their counterparts in the target countries.


  • Increasing awareness of and knowledge exchange between policy and decision-makers at national and sub-national government level working on issues related to decentralisation and local governance;
  • Participants will have sufficient knowledge of decentralisation processes, to implement and coordinate these in their countries;
  • Participants will be aware of the importance of good local governance and will have insight into the elements that contribute to effective inter-administrative relations; and
  • Participants will be able to assess the level of decentralisation in their country and will have made an action plan to further support good governance on a local level.


Expert sessions for participants to learn and discuss the main concepts and elements of decentralisation processes;

Interactive sessions for participants to develop practical skills such as change management or negotiation skills;

Study visits to Dutch governmental bodies to learn from their experience with local governance;

Social programmes such as a networking reception and others to facilitate network development between participants and their Dutch counterparts.

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