Bappennas Decentralisation Indonesia 2017

This training for a group of participants from the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs focused on strengthening their knowledge on decentralisation, local governance, public policy development and multilevel water governance. The training also provided participants with examples of Dutch best practices and helped them gain practical knowledge to take up their roles and responsibilities with confidence when working with local authorities. The participants enjoyed a broad and diverse programme, with topics varying from decentralisation and Dutch governance, to leadership skills and integrated water management. They were able to interact with international experts on each of these topics. In addition, the programme allowed for complementary study visits.

Main Goal

The aim of the course was to provide participants with general knowledge on local governance and decentralisation and introduce them to multilevel water governance. 


A nine-day training (including study visits) on decentralisation, public service delivery, participation, water governance and leadership, for 16 young civil servants from the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs, as part of the SPIRIT Scholarship-programme of the National Development Planning Agency Indonesia (BAPPENAS).



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