Diaspora Academy Programme

The overall objective of the ‘Diaspora Academy’ is to scale up the capacity of diaspora organisations, so that they can contribute more effectively to the development of their respective countries of origin in a professional manner. The programme ran between 2014 and 2016.


  • Support diaspora development practitioners and organisations in gaining access to targeted knowledge, useful and relevant information, viable contacts, and networks that help to further boost their contribution to the overall development in their countries of origin.
  • Increase the visibility of diaspora development practitioners in the development community circles, so that their voices are taken into account in migration and development policy debates taking place at the local, national, regional and international levels.


30 diaspora organisations have gained knowledge and skills to design and implement advocacy action plans, and to formulate their priorities effectively with regard to the migration and development agenda.

30 diaspora peace-oriented organisations have acquired adequate conflict transformation techniques, skills and practical tools to contribute more professionally to peace building processes in their countries of origin.

Knowledge and information produced, showcasing the success achieved through the activities initiated by diaspora organisations in the three selected areas and lessons learnt about the specific factors that have contributed to these positive outcomes.

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