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Empowering Syrian Community Facilitators in Jordan

Throughout 2020, The Hague Academy and its partner in Jordan ‘Mastery for Business & Training Development’ implemented a tailor-made training, as part of the MENA Scholarship Programme. The programme trained community facilitators (CFs) working with the Syrian community in Jordan through local NGOs. CFs create awareness among the Syrian community on topics like child rights, labour rights and domestic violence. 

Main goal

The overall objective of this training programme was to empower Syrian Community Facilitators (CFs) working in refugee communities. By achieving this objective, we aimed to contribute to the goal of improving the access of Syrian refugees to justice and other Jordanian services. Concretely, we strengthened the capacities of Syrian CFs in Jordan working as frontline justice providers. This way, they are able to support the Syrian refugee population to achieve better access to services, justice and the assertion of their rights.


  • Empower Syrian Community Facilitators working in refugee communities and
  • Increase the capacity of Syrian CFs.

“Thanks to the ‘training of trainers’ module, I have been using different techniques in my workshops like ice breakers or wrap-up sessions. I was not aware that these could help people to better understand and engage with my message. With lockdown measures in place, cases of GBV significantly increased within the community, so I shifted to online activities to raise awareness of domestic violence. I also support families whose livelihood was affected by the lockdown measures, by helping them access national aid funds.” Mohammed Al Zoabi, community facilitator


The CFs have an improved ability to act as leaders within their communities, for instance, playing an effective role as links between the Syrian community and government institutions. They also have increased skills to play a significant role in addressing Gender-Based Violence within their communities. This was achieved through the following activities:

Six female and nine male Syrian Community Facilitators have been trained in Amman, Jordan on Transformative Leadership, Communication skills, Community Mobilisation and combatting Gender Based Violence.

Six participants have followed a two-day Training of Trainers (ToT) in Amman, Jordan and have the skills to autonomously design and deliver a training workshop on combatting GBV.

A network of 15 trained Community Facilitators has been established in Jordan. They have developed and implemented personal leadership plans in their communities, which outline concrete goals for personal improvements.

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