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Building teachers capacities for participatory and inclusive TVET education

In 2021 The Hague Academy developed an Orange Knowledge training programme for Luminus University College (LTUC) in Jordan. LTUC’s model is built on strong labour market linkages however the high rates of dropouts mainly among refugee students and lack of completion of the application process hinders that strength. By providing the vulnerable youth (national and non-national) with programmes adapted to their needs and offering more participatory, inclusive, and trauma-sensitive teaching, retention will be improved and the number of dropouts during admission, studies, and employment will decrease. This will result in more (refugee) students graduating and accessing the labour market.

Main goal

The overall aim of the training programme is to contribute to the improvement of TVET Education for refugees and host communities in Jordan.


Teachers and staff members at Luminus Technical University College (LTUC) will be trained to improve:

  • access to quality education
  • quality of (online) education
  • enrolment on the job market


Several training sessions for (Master) teachers and/or career counsellors on participatory and adult based training methods, online facilitation, coaching and trauma-sensitive teaching (including a study visit in the Netherlands for six master teachers.)

Coaching for the 18 (Master) teachers on the design of their own personal development plans. 

Delivery of (online) pilot training sessions and classes by the trained (Master) teachers, based on their learnings during the programme.

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