Fiscal Decentralisation Bangladesh

Under the umbrella of the Upazila Governance Project (UZGP) and the Union Parishad Governance Project (UPGP), UNDP-UNCDF Bangladesh in cooperation with the Local Government Division of the Government of Bangladesh aimed to bring together stakeholders from different levels of government to be trained on Decentralisation and Local Governance. The course was highly participatory and included a series of lectures, international and national case studies, workshops and discussions/interactions.

Main goal

The main aim was to effectively be able to foster participatory local development and service delivery for the MDGs through better-informed planning and decision making at the decentralised level. As such, a total of three five-day training courses on Decentralisation and Local Development were organised in Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar. 


  • Provide the participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to initiate policy and administrative reforms on decentralisation for service delivery and MDG achievement;
  • Explain and envision an appropriate decentralisation perspective and consequent policy in the context of Bangladesh’s governance structure;
  • Enable participants to analyse policy and administrative options related to operationalisation of decentralisation for improvement in service delivery and achieving the MDGs;
  • Increase the participants’ knowledge of fiscal decentralisation theories and policies from multi-country perspective; and
  • Provide the participants with a better understanding of local public financial management that could result in efficient and accountable socio-economic development.


96 participants were trained on Fiscal Decentralisation.

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