Fiscal Decentralisation Lesotho

The Hague Academy delivered a one-week tailor-made course on Fiscal Decentralisation in Lesotho, for staff and partners of UNDP Lesotho. The training introduced the participants to the concepts of Local Finances and Fiscal Decentralisation. Moreover, several presentations were delivered by local practitioners from The Maseru Municipality, The Ministry of Finance, the Office of the Auditor-General and UNCDF. Throughout the training, interactive exercises were organised, including the development of decentralisation action plans.


  • To develop a common understanding of the concept and the objectives of fiscal decentralisation and local finance and the main features of each concept;
  • Equip participants with practical skills and knowledge on how to develop and implement the various components of a fiscal decentralisation framework, as well as local finance initiatives;
  • Assist the participants in understanding the institutional arrangements, roles and responsibilities of the various institutions involved; and
  • Share experiences on key implementation issues and challenges in implementing fiscal decentralisation and local finance with some case studies.


The training was implemented for a group of over 50 participants from Ministries, Local Governments, UN Organisations and NGOs.

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