IDEAL – Rwanda

IDEAL Rwanda (Inclusive Decisions at the Local Level) focusses on urbanization. Urbanisation is seen as a key element to achieve the transformation of Rwanda and it is line with its national objectives. However, Rwanda’s secondary city Districts still seem to struggle with the urban development processes within their local government. IDEAL Rwanda aims to strengthen the management and inclusiveness of these urbanisation processes. First of all, IDEAL Rwanda will support the Districts in Urban planning, Local economic development and Social welfare.

The Hague Academy has been asked to design a capacity building approach which will help IDEAL Rwanda achieving the gender related outputs. The capacity building approach has two components. The first component focuses on RALGA gender strategy and gender mainstreaming of its services, followed by the support of the 6 city Districts in gender mainstreaming their services by using agent of change/gender officer in each district. The second component focuses on the leadership empowerment of young women professional working for local government in the 6 city Districts.


  1. Promote female participation in the local government of the six secondary cities
  2. Create a pool of men and women in local government to challenge “organizational culture” and ensure full and meaningful participation of women in decision making and key policy areas at all levels in districts
  3. Identify agents of change within the district to develop their skills in advocating for women’s participation within the districts


  • Participants trained from 6 local governments and 1 association of local governments.

Partners: VNG International