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Leadership in Local Governance in Lebanon

The Local Government Resilience Programme was originally set up by VNG International. The Hague Academy was involved in setting up a training institute in Jordan and providing expertise on local governance. As part of the project, The Hague Academy gave training on Leadership in Local Governance in Lebanon in 2016 and 2017. The training covered topics related to personal leadership skills, such as negotiation skills, creative problem solving and managing complexity. It also touched upon broader themes, including power analysis, inclusive and accountable local governance, stakeholder analysis and change management.

Main Goal

The programme aims to help local governments in Jordan and Lebanon to deal with the number of Syrian refugees that have come to their countries.


  • Equip the participants with the leadership skills to enable them to affect positive change in local governance processes in their local context;
  • Teach them to identify and engage relevant stakeholders in change processes; and
  • Let the participants recognise the importance of inclusion, citizen participation and accountability to enable effective local governance;


In 2016, the training was delivered to seven highly talented young professionals who work in or with the local government sector in Lebanon. These young talents shared a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Some are social workers, other work in the field of municipal services or urban planning, while others mostly have a managerial role.

In 2017, ten professionals were trained, who were employed by various Lebanese municipalities, as well as the private sector and schools.

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