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Inclusive and Participatory Local Governance

In 2019, The Hague Academy Developed a training for civil servants, mayors and council members from the Palestinian Territories. Through this programme, participants were trained on topics such as leadership, citizen participation, the Sustainable Development Goals, inclusive governance and international obligations.


  • Accurately define the concepts of inclusive governance and citizen participation and describe their link to good governance and the SDGs;
  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their own organisations in the field of inclusive and participatory governance;
  • Differentiate between different citizen participation tools and assess their relevance to the Palestinian context;
  • Mainstream inclusiveness in their programmes and apply strategies for engaging marginalised groups in governance processes; and
  • Identify concrete measures that can be taken to create an inclusive local government, promote citizen participation and ensure inclusive decision-making processes.


During the training, 26 civil servants and 27 mayors and council members from the Palestinian Territories were trained on Inclusive and Participatory Governance. In total, 53 participants were trained.

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