Local Economic Development in the Palestinian Territories 2014

The Hague Academy gave a training on local economic development in Amman, Jordan in April 2014. The target group for this training was local government officials from municipalities in the West Bank and Gaza areas of the Palestinian Territories. The objective of the training programme was to provide a theoretical framework for local economic development, participatory approaches that participants can apply in developing a vision together with stakeholders, LED-tools and practical examples of economic development initiatives. We zoomed in on the development of small and medium enterprises for creating employment opportunities and we also paid attention to the inclusion of vulnerable groups and the social aspects of economic growth.


  1. Introducing the participants to the main concepts of Local Economic Development;
  2. Teaching the participants how to design and implement a LED-strategy;
  3. Emphasizing the role of Multiple actors in LED & Inclusive economic development;
  4. Showing the participants an example of an active LED project in the Jordanian context;
  5. Enabling the particpants to create action plans.


  • 19 participants were trained on Local Economic Development, its implementation and the development of LED plans in their respective municipalities.
  • For this training a tailor made set of modules was developed based on well-proven knowledge and expertise.