Shiraka Social Affairs and Employment

What policies help to increase economic growth and job creation for the youth? How is the social security system organised in The Netherlands? And what can be learned from experiences in the target countries?

These and many more questions will be discussed during a blended learning programme offered by The Hague Academy in cooperation with CNV International.

With the help of international experts, field visits and practical examples from The Netherlands, participants will discuss how economic growth can go hand in hand with social security reforms in their home countries. Employment strategies to reform the labour market and how to create more and better jobs will be discussed.


  1. Increase theoretical knowledge and understanding of social affairs and employment policies, both at an international and at a national level
  2. Increase knowledge of and insight in Dutch practice and best practices in the MENA-region
  3. Enhance the following practical skills:
    • Working in teams
    • Analytical and presentation skills
    • (International) negotiation
    • Change management


The training course deepens the knowledge of civil servants from the 19 target countries in the field of social affairs and employment policies. In addition, it strengthens their capacity to effectively contribute to the development and implementation of such policies in their home countries. During the course, the participants have many opportunities to share experiences with each other as well as with their colleagues from The Netherlands so that international networks between civil servants will be stimulated.


  • CNV International