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Shiraka Algeria: Initiative for efficient, inclusive and prosperous municipalities

In 2021, The Hague Academy is contributing to a 27-month programme signed between The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Algeria and VNG International. The programme aims to accompany Algeria in its current process of decentralisation/de-concentration through promoting dialogue and collaboration between the national government and territorial authorities. The programme will also support local development in Algeria through a territorial approach.

Main goal

The main goal of The Hague Academy’s role in this programme is to contribute to promoting dialogue and collaboration between the Algerian national and subnational government layers, through knowledge exchange and capacity-strengthening via sharing Dutch best practices and case studies.


  • Bilateral cooperation on local governance between the Netherlands and Algeria is strengthened;
  • Mechanisms for dialogue and exchange between territorial authorities and the national government in Algeria are put in place and institutionalised, as the first step in public administration reforms; and
  • Local economic development is at the heart of the collaboration between the territorial authorities and the national government.


Online learning platform on the topics of:

  • Strategic planning for integrated local development
  • Economic attractiveness and competitiveness of regions
  • Local tax and resource mobilisation
  • Using GIS to assess the territorial dynamics.

Online training on Local Economic Development (LED) with the three levels of government participating in Shiraka: MICLAT, Wilaya and Commune, highlighting that dialogue between the different layers of governance is indispensable for LED.


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