Matra Coprol: Leadership for Security and Rule of Law 2013-2015

The Hague Academy for Local Governance started in November 2013 with the kick-off of a new training and exchange programme to strengthen the leadership skills of government institutions in Turkey, Serbia and Albania. The training is part of a larger programme by VNG International that aims to promote leadership, cooperation and effectiveness in the public security sector in these countries. In January 2014 the first group of Turkish civil servants visted The Hague. The programme ran until 2016.

The training programme on leadership and good governance aims to improve strategic leadership and practices of good governance by decision-makers at the Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs, police and local authorities in the target countries. The training will be supported by a security benchmark in pilot municipalities as tool for improved performance and standard setting. Multi-stakeholder workshops will increase the capacity of government practitioners to include civil society groups in the policy and decision-making process to promote a culture of tolerance and anti-discrimination.

The activities are funded by the Matra CoPROL-programme of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs that supports government-to-government cooperation on the Rule of Law with EU pre-accession countries. The Hague Academy will implement the project together with a.o. the Dutch Ministries of Justice and Home Affairs, the Netherlands Association of Municipalities, the Ombudsman, Amnesty International and the National Bureau for Integrity of Civil Servants. Other partners in the programme are the Center for International Legal Cooperation and the Dutch Institute for Public Administration.


  1. Strengthening the capacities of national and local government to act, commit and deliver on public security and protecting human rights are increased by taking responsibilities for one’s role and applying principles of good governance and rule of law;
  2. Strengthening the capacities of national and local government to achieve coherence and to adapt frameworks for policy development are increased by setting quality performance standards on public security in line with European standards;
  3. Strengthening the capacities of national and local government to relate to external stakeholders are increased and demonstrated by participation of civil society, in particular minority groups, in decision-making process, protection of minority rights and promotion of a culture of tolerance and anti-discrimination;
  4. Strengthening the capacities of training institutes to achieve coherence are increased by providing training in the field of good governance, rule of law, public security and human rights.


  • Six 1.5-week training sessions in The Hague on ‘Leadership and Good Governance’ conducted;
  • Three 3-day training sessions in the three countries conducted;
  • Facilitation of 1 regional ‘exchange of experience seminar’ between all participants from the target countries;
  • Six 2-day training of trainers workshops in The Hague conducted;
  • Three 1-day training workshops in the three countries conducted;


  • VNG international
  • Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC)
  • Dutch Institute for Public Administration (ROI)