Strengthening HRM Capacities Europartners Albania 2012

The Hague Academy conducted a training in Albania to improve human resource management capacities and practices of the Local Government Units (either municipal or commune) in order to deliver the public services in a more effective and efficient manner. The training was attended by 15 human resource officers at local authorities in Albania. They were equipped with knowledge on concepts of leadership and human resource management, as well as insights in practices of HRM at Netherlands municipalities. The training was organised in 2012 in cooperation with Europartners Albania.


  1. To increase capacities of the LGUs, particularly Human Resources Department, to assess the training needs of the staff of their institutions;
  2. To enable local government units to establish effective tools and a proper rolling system of mapping out their training needs and provide TIPA with relevant proposals for training local government staff;
  3. Provide LGUs with experiences of best practices on TNA that improve the performance management as well as introduction to world-wide HR trend.


  • Raised skills and technical expertise of the staff of LGUs, in particular the human resources management departments, to use modern methodologies to conduct/lead a proper internal training needs assessments;
  • A common framework of reference, a common methodology, language and terminology for the discussions and assessment of training needs established for all LGUs;
  • A rolling process of regular training needs assessment is installed as part of overall human resources management process – and likely to become a routine process in the work of local government units;
  • Regular and well defined proposals for training local government staff are supplied to TIPA from local government institutions.


  • Europartners Development